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Lynn McConnell

Southland-born Lynn McConnell is a sportswriter/historian with 40 years experience in journalism having been sports editor of The Evening Post and The Southland Times. Lynn has written several books including 'Behind the Silver Fern: Playing Rugby for New Zealand' together with Tony Johnson.

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Lochore's men changed the game forever

Much attention has focused on the 30-year anniversary of the first All Blacks team to win the Rugby World Cup in 1987, but also worthy of celebration is the 50-year anniversary of the 1967 All Blacks.
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SPECIAL FEATURE: Tom Ellison’s influence remains

It is a measure of the contribution Tom Ellison made to New Zealand rugby that he should pack so much into his 36 years.
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Lions Flashback: 1971

No team, let alone a British & Irish Lions team, was better prepared for a tour of New Zealand at the time of the 1971 visit.

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Lions Flashback: 1977

International rugby started to change in the mid-1960s, tours that had been a decade apart, started to occur within a few years of each other and familiarity started to breed some contempt by the time the visit of the 1977 British & Irish Lions occurred.
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Lions Flashback: 1983

If the 4-0 clean sweep inflicted on the 1966 British & Irish Lions by the All Blacks was regarded as the template for what not to do on a tour, someone forgot to reflect on the earlier exercise in 1983.
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